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Hello, my name is Orien Vandenbergh. I'm a straight, white, cis, male and I'm okay with that. My little corner of the internet has gotten rather dusty, forgotten and ignored over the years, but I'm going see if I can't do anything about that properly this time.

Primarily, I play around with Linux systems, and through my years I've become opinionated about how a terminal should look and operate, and what it shouldn't do. You can check out my repositories for dealing with zsh (), tmux (), and other bits (), if you'd like a peek into how I operate. I've spent years doing software development in C/C++, PERL, python, ruby, javascript and others. I know the inner workings of a s///g vs a tr///, and I'm not afraid to use it. I've also spent years working with LDAP, chef/ansible, kickstart and have even built quick and dirty solutions to "replace" them when needed. Things have gotten calmer as I've matured, and these days I'm mostly helping customers do Splunk-y or Cribl-y things.

I work at Guidepoint Security, which, all things considered, is a great place to work. We're well compensated, and generally employees are treated more like people than cattle, which I've always appreciated. We're growing every year, and are always looking for more smart people, technical or otherwise. But that's all I'll say about that, because this website isn't for them. This one is mine. As it says at the bottom of these pages: These are my thoughts, opinions and otherwise and are not theirs.

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